Birds Detail is an innovative company providing mobile auto detailing services to the Los Angeles Area in Silver Lake and Santa Monica. In a market filled with an endless spectrum of quality, convenience, and reliability, we aim to offer a household name that our clients can truly count on for their everyday detailing needs.



Birds Detail utilizes innovative smart steam technology. We use this method to safely remove tough environmental contaminants such as tree sap and bird droppings from even the most delicate car surfaces. This process also allows us to wash an entire vehicle with less than one gallon of water, leave zero waste water runoff, and leave minimal impact on the environment!



The Birds Detail steam purification service sterilizes all interior car surfaces including the seats, carpet, steering wheel, and air vents. These surfaces can host billions of potential harmful germs and bacteria. Our steam sterilization process penetrates the toughest and most delicate surfaces without the use of chemicals, leaving behind a clean and safe environment.



We know you're busy and our convenient mobile operation is here to help. Instead of spending time driving to a stationary car wash, let our detail services come to you. As a mobile operation, Birds Detail always handles our services at your convenience. Pick a time and a place that works for you, sit back, relax and let us take care of your ride for you.



We aim to provide the most efficient and convenient services for your ride as well as the ultimate personalized experience for you. In every aspect of our company, from the quality of our work to the relationship we have with our clients, we believe in always providing the best service available.